Relax and Focus on your life.
We'll handle everything else
after the consultation.



We at Daeryun recognize the strength that comes from our differences.
From legal consultations, which are the beginning of resolving issues,
to providing Daeryun's distinctive service, we achieve customer satisfaction.


Daeryun empowers you to initiate cases with greater efficiency.
Our team of specialized attorneys provides precise diagnoses and adept consultations,
ensuring clear identification of key issues for agile solutions.


We present a reasonable strategy considering the client's wishes and the scale of the case.

Involvement of professional lawyers from the consultation stage

Review the scale of the case through objective legal judgment

5 or more members

Dedicated team response

10 or more members

Dedicated Center Response

20 or more members

Dedicated Group Response

Not good enough
so that it doesn't overflow

The time and money spent on litigation with the client's interests as priority values
Allocate 3-20 professionals to avoid exceeding the actual benefits of litigation
Provide a quick and efficient alternative.

an overwhelming group of experts

· an event that requires assistance in multiple fields in a short period of time
· a protracted and multi-faceted case
· a case in which an economic recovery is difficult in case of defeat
· a case that is likely to be sentenced to prison

a one-stop helmsman

- Prevent defense errors due to communication and processing delays

- Disposition of Case / Investigation of Evidence / Response to Investigation Agency

- Establishment of initial response and support for post-processing such as compulsory execution/appeal response

on a large scale
Immediate power input

- Out of a group of 550 experts, the most appropriate members of my case are gathered One Team system

- TF configuration for case resolution only

- At the same time, agreement, mediation/investigation response/related litigation response/evidence analysis Unrivaled scale of simultaneous support



Winning legal disputes hinge on gathering strong evidence.
Our knowledgeable legal team is here to guide you through the process and provide expert assistance.

The key to successful case outcome lies in the 'admissibility of evidence'.
Our team can handle the entire process of finding and organizing this evidence for you.

The burden of proof

In litigation, if the existence of a critical fact cannot be determined, the party facing the legal judgement bears the risk or disadvantage of that fact being treated as non-existent

Exclusion of improperly or illegally obtained evidence

Article 308-2 of the Criminal Procedure Act(Exclusion of Illegally Obtained Evidence)
Evidence collected without following proper procedures cannot be used as evidence.

For our client-focused services, our Forensic Team is dedicated to conducting in-house evidence investigations.
We stand ready to assist you in completing a flawless defense through legal and efficient evidence collection and analysis and provide support to bring you one step closer to victory.

Investigative services

with certified investigators

- Obtaining CCTV · black box footage · surrounding testimonies.

- Detecting unauthorized wiretapping · hidden cameras.

- Confirming industrial spy · leaks · internal corruption.

- Investigating factual circumstances such as location · process · sentiment.

Digital forensics

with cutting-edge equipment

- Tracking search · download · usage records.

- Recovery of deleted and hidden data.

- Retrieval of text · messenger conversations.

- Data generation through digital data analysis.

Security & Protection

for safety assurance.

- Evidence gathering for labor disputes · unlawful assemblies.

- Prevention of stalking · tailing · domestic violence.

- Protection of victims of school bullying · troubled children.

- Precautionary protection in situations of potential harm.


Investigation response/evidence supplementation

- Prior experience in statement and behavior analysis

- Internal Fraud Detection

- Suitability evaluation

- Verification of truth in other disputes

We provide essential assistance through lawful means, considering pros and cons of the client's case.

Don't worry about the disadvantages
of illegal evidence and the burden of proof responsibility anymore.

Massive data


Overwhelming real-life precedent data
is the reason why we can confidently
provide the right answers for our clients' cases.

Accumulated work cases


We are well-versed in the methods
of winning cases and understanding the reasons for potential defeat.
Drawing upon our extensive experience
in case handling and backed by 100% real sentence data
we meticulously analyze each client's situation
to devise winning legal strategies tailored to their needs.

Now it's time to turn
your case into a winning one.

A service that goes together and looks far ahead,
We aim to provide customer-centric legal services.


Former experience in the courts·prosecution·police, along with a specialized team of attorneys in various fields.

- Attorneys with an average of over 10 years of experience.
- Organizing teams composed of professional lawyers specialized in cases
- Overseeing cases by attorneys with extensive experience in investigations and trials.


Korean Bar Association Certified Specialist Attorney

- Attorneys who have accepted a number of cases exceeding the number prescribed by Presidential Decree
- Authentication through submission of case history and list
- Assistance based on case experience data that is several times higher than the average


Real-time cooperation with specialist in accounting, tax, patent and labor

- Dedicated case experts in each division of Daeryun
- Enhancing Expertise in Specialized Fields with Strong Professionalism
- Synergy through collaboration · Rapid strategy development


To achieve more favorable outcomes, we operate mock trial and investigation rooms

- Competent investigation response teams with experience in police investigations.
- Participation of experienced attorneys who have handled numerous trials.
- Prior experience in environments similar to actual case procedures.


A well-organized and specialized 'limited' law firm

- A 'limited' law firm can be registered when it meets the requirements for the number of lawyers and capital.
- Conducting professional work under the trusted lawyer responsibility system.
- Mandatory insurance or deductible coverage, ensuring compensation for client losses due to lawyer errors.


With the largest network of 39domestic branches, nationwide coverage is possible

- Convenient accessibility with offices located near major regional courts.
- Centralized management of all cases at headquarters, ensuring consistent high-quality legal services nationwide.